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Websites are not about technology; they're not about HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, or any of those things. Technology is secondary.

Websites are about branding, marketing, psychology and relationships.

A website is not a standalone marketing tool; it must be carefully coordinated with all other marketing and branding media to create a consistent and congruent message.

The form (appearance) of a website is always important, but it is always subordinate to function.

Having an effective website is a never-ending process.  I never talk in terms of "maintaining" a site, but rather in terms of constantly improving it.

My website development practice is based on a wholistic philosophy of marketing and branding, whereas most web developers just "build websites".

I am not a techie or a geek.  I'm a designer and a content architect. Geeks are typically obsessed with technology, and are usually neither obsessed with, interested in, nor skilled in, marketing and branding.

I will not build a website based solely on what the client wants; I will build it based on what I professionally perceive they need.

I prefer to work with clients who are serious about their marketing and branding, and are willing to spend time, money and energy on being the best they can be.

My services are based on quality and effectiveness.  I never sell based on price.  Someone wishing to find the lowest price is welcome to look elsewhere.

We are NOT a good match if:
  • You don't have a clear vision for your business.
  • You want a quick and cheap design; you're shopping on price alone.
  • You honestly believe that there's such a thing as a free website.
  • You've already decided exactly what your new website should look like and exactly how it should work.
  • You believe that if you had the right tools you could build a "professional" website all by yourself even though you have no skills or experience in doing so.
  • You believe that you could actually save money in the long run by building a website yourself.
  • You're not looking to build a relationship with a developer; you just want something done.
We ARE a good match if:
  • You have a clear vision for your business.
  • You understand that your website needs to be a long-term process rather than a short-term project.
  • You can accept the idea that a good website should be "crafted" rather than just "built".
  • You understand that all the best ideas about how a specific site should be designed cannot necessarily be determined up-front, but are more often developed gradually during the construction process.
  • You understand and accept that your circumstances and priorities may change during the lifespan of your site, thereby requiring modifications to the design (which is why you need a long-term relationship with your developer).
  • You understand that good things take effort, time and money to create.
  • You're willing to invest enough effort, time and money to enable us to create something really good.
  • You're willing to accept my professional advice, putting aside personal feelings and biases.
  • You're looking for a developer that you can build a long-term relationship with.

Bottom Line: I'm your best bet for having an effective and successful website.

If you'd like to know more about how I can help you, give me a call at 877-901-9977 and let's chat.

No charge.

No obligation.



Book Cover - Radical Rules for WebsitesIt's official: there are no longer any valid excuses for having an unattractive and ineffective website. Here are the really key things you need to know to make your site beautiful and brilliant."

~ Tom Harris, from Radical Rules for Websites 2nd Edition



"Tom has arranged practical and useful advice for the beginner to intermediate website owner. It offers great tips and suggestions that help capture the user's point of view. Any reader building or redesigning their website should pick up this quick read of great ideas to make your user experience the best that it can be."
~ Sandi Maki

"Clear concise and easy to understand. Great content. This book will guarantee you consider the right things when designing your website or working with your web designer. Read this BEFORE you hire a web designer."
~ Sherri Richards

"You could study volumes on the theory of good website design, or you could absorb this quick yet profound volume and learn a ton about good, and crappy, website design. Learn things like when a long page is appropriate, even preferred, and why you should never, ever have say Click Here. If you are a small business owner who's trying to go it alone, this is the book for you. Plainly told, with no jargon and a ton of common sense."
~ Carol Pearson

"I just spent a few weeks designing and building my own website (and yes, there's still more work to be done and some tweaks and changes to be made) but I couldn't have done it as quickly or successfully without the aid of "Radical Rules for Websites" by Tom Harris. It's an area I'm by no means an expert in, but Tom's easy-to-understand approach to writing and explaining what works best for both you and all the people viewing your site really helped me to lock in my design and formatting ideas. And by numbering all the tips and rules in the style he does, bookmarking and remembering key points was quick and convenient for me (and will be for all readers). I'd say this is a MUST-have companion for anyone of any age who is looking to take their work or business to the next level online. Tom's book certainly helped me make become a reality!"
~ Evan Michael Pinnsonault

"Even though I've been a small business owner for more than 25 years, and have built numerous websites, I have never encountered such useful information--all easily contained in one simple book--as I have now found in Radical Rules for Websites. As websites are constantly evolving, it's hard to keep up with the latest trends, concepts, and 'rules', but this book makes staying on top of your business website easy. I highly recommend this book to new businesses and established business owners alike, as the information is genuinely useful and will save you a lot of time."
~ Eddy Tompkins

"I'm a small business owner that designed my own website. This book was extremely useful because it provided outside of the box ideas and gave me alternative approaches to website design. Presented in a bullet point format one paragraph at a time, Tom offers 177 rules/ideas to create a great website. The best part about the book is you can take the ideas of leave them. There's no cookie cutter BuyNow-Blue1-OFFapproach or website formula. Just idea after idea for ways to make your website stand out to your audience."
~ Dr. Nicholas Morgan

"Radical Rules for Website is excellent. Finally a 1-2-3 simple guide telling you here’s what to do, and here’s what not to do. It clears up 99% of the confusion for time-starved professionals or solopreneurs like me. If you’re smart enough to buy this book, read it with pen in hand. I guarantee that an hour later the subject will be demystified and you’ll be able to proceed forward with faith and confidence."
~ Derek Freund


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