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If you cannot communicate effectively with other people, then nothing else matters.

Working with Tom Harris has been the best thing I’ve done to ease my fear of public speaking. He not only provided me with the necessary tools to be successful, but the support I needed.  I am now much more confident in speaking to an audience.

I was able to reserve private lessons with Tom to fit around my busy schedule.  I enjoyed working with him because he has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience.

~ Vanessa Fineis, Lansing, Michigan


"I've had an opportunity to work with Tom to strengthen my public speaking skills and confidence. Tom helped me achieve just that. In just five sessions with Tom, I have become more aware of nuances to stay conscious about and I've gained the confidence to speak in front of a crowd. Tom is truly an expert and I would recommend him."

~ Smiljana Lazic, Lansing, Michigan

"I work at a new business in Lansing Michigan and am in charge of networking for this business and I have no networking experience. I met Tom Harris and asked him if he could coach me with organizing my thoughts and explaining what our business does in a clear and concise way.  Tom took the time to remind me to slow down my speech to breathe and to relax. I feel so much more confidant, to the point that I no longer need to read what I want to say.  I can't thank Tom enough for these life skills."

Laura Marrison, RMA - Harmony Restorative Service (a medical office)

"I have seen Tom bring out the communication skills in people who were too shy or reclusive to present effectively to groups before Tom's training."

~ Mike Bacon, Past D62 Governor, Region VI, Toastmasters International

I offer training and coaching on public speaking and presentation skills, both on a one-to-one basis and as a group workshop.

One-to-one private coaching is done on an hourly-rate basis and is totally customized to your individual needs.

Group training is done through my Fearless Presenter workshop, which is a full-day training for small groups of 8 to 10 persons.

Fearless Presenter Workshop:

This is a one-day workshop where you learn that the great big mountain of fear that you’ve always felt about public speaking is just a little bump.
Fearless Presenter is a unique and proven system that takes you around your fears, alters your feelings, and shows you that you CAN be a confident and skilled speaker, even if you’ve never before believed that.  It is NOT for people who are already confident and skilled speakers.

Fearless Presenter Level 1
...is for those who are fearful, terrified, and otherwise freaked out about public speaking. It’s not for “building skills”. In fact, the workshop is not about skills at all – it’s about changing the way you feel about speaking.

Fearless Presenter Level 2
...is for those who have already gotten past the extreme fear part, but still don’t feel particularly confident or skilled.  It still deals with feelings about speaking, but leans a bit more in the direction of developing skills such as poise, stage presence, body language, vocal variety, eye contact, and so forth.

Use this test to determine which level you should consider:

When you have to speak in front of a group, how do you feel?

    1  You’re pretty sure you're going to die any second now.

    2  Your knees and hands are shaking, palms are sweating, and you’re sure you’re going to pass out, throw up, or both.

    3  Your hands are shaking, but you don’t think you’ll pass out, but this is still a really awful experience.

    4  You’re shaking a little, and this is pretty unpleasant, and you don’t want to do it again.

    5  Scared, but you’re reasonably calm and you know you can do it, and can get better at it.

    6  You think that maybe this isn’t too bad, and that you might even learn to like it someday.

    7  You’re feeling pretty good and looking forward to being up front.

    8  You feel quite confident, and can’t believe it used to bother you to speak in public.

    9  Public speaking is actually fun!

    10  You are supremely confident and there’s no place you’d rather be than up in front of an audience!

If you’re a 1 thru 4, then definitely Level 1. 
If you’re a 5 thru 7, then Level 2. 
If you are an 8 thru 10, this workshop is too basic for you.

These workshops are not a “lecture” format – they are intense, highly participatory, fast-paced, on-your-feet, and fun!

If you’re in business you need to be a speaker sometimes. Confidence in that area can make a huge difference in your clients’ perception of you and your business.

So if you (or someone you know) is terrified, fearful, freaked out or just hesitant about speaking in front of a group, this experience is a must!

Join us — we guarantee you’ll be smiling at the end of the day!

Note: because of the nature of the workshop process, we require a minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 students per session.

Call Tom at 877-901-9977 or email tom@tomharris.us for more information.

What past students have said about the Fearless Presenter Workshop:

"Wow, what a great workshop!  It was an awesome personal growth experience for me.  I enjoyed the process of becoming a Fearless Presenter, the fast pace, and the fun!"
~ Debra Sandborn - Dansville, MI

"This workshop was beneficial in two aspects: I was able to learn about others' experiences that are similar to mine; I felt more comfortable because of this, and I was in a comfortable atmosphere that enabled me to work through some of my speaking fears."
~ Jenny Ingles - Fowlerville, MI

"Definitely this workshop helped increase my confidence about being up in front.  It was amazing to see the difference in the participants from before to after.  I've taken this workshop before and can attest that it was a turning point in my life.  I can't wait for the advanced class!"
~ Mary Ablao - Laingsburg, MI

"This workshop helped me in the right direction for trying to deal with my fear of public speaking.  At the end of the workshop I felt a lot more comfortable and didn't feel like I was going to pass out.  I would recommend this to anyone who feels they need to improve, or is scared of public speaking."
~ Lauren Givens - Farmington Hills, MI

"I feel that this workshop has given me a greater amount of confidence, not only in the presentation of a speech, but in developing a speech as well.  I saw individuals who could not stand speaking in front of a group develop and become confident in just a day!  It was great and fun."
~ Gail Erbskorn - East Lansing, MI

"Dan and Tom did an excellent job at getting everyone comfortable with each other, and realizing that public speaking is not something that needs to be feared.  Like everything else in life we need to analyze our feelings about public speaking and learn to control them.  Excellent workshop."
~ Chris Duczynski - Sterling Heights, MI

"This workshop was wonderful.  The exercises were fun and organized, yet again I'll say very fun.  I was terrified to think about giving a speech, let alone actually doing it.  This class was valuable and I found myself feeling great, powerful and like "I can do this!"  I learned how to write a speech and deliver it without so much fear.  Thank you Tom and Dan!"
~ Mary Ablao - Laingsburg, MI

"This was such a fun workshop!  I enjoyed enhancing my speaking skills in an environment that was trusting and comfortable.  I feel that the Fearless Presenter workshop has greatly increased by ability to speak in public while at the same time decreasing my fears."
~ Melissa Willett - Lansing, MI

"This workshop is a great confidence builder.  The exercises really taught me how important it is to allow myself to go over the top and to put my mental state in the right place - to know that up front is where I want to be and should be."
~ Terry Sears - Lansing, MI

"Amazing concept, absolutely genius!  I never would have thought there was something like this which could break down the walls that held me back!  I am actually looking forward to getting up in front of a group again to present.  There is nothing else like this - awesome!"
~ Steve Nardin - Okemos, MI

"Tom and Dan did a splendid job of enhancing my ability to speak in public more comfortably.  The workshop allowed me to get out of my comfort zone.  I have gained leaps and bounds in the area of public speaking!  Money well spent.  I would recommend this class to anyone!"
~ Jo Zeller, Williamston, MI

"This was an awesome workshop!  I loved the expressiveness activities and the opportunity to continue getting experience in public speaking.  Thanks again for a great workshop.  I feel like I am comfortable and looking forward to the next opportunity I will have to "take the stage"!"
~ Andrea Hoard - Lansing, MI

"I have seen a great improvement in my ability to speak in front of a group of people.  At the beginning of the class I did have a fear of going up in front, but later I realized that I got up front without the need to second guess my gut feelings.  It felt comfortable getting up in front to speak to the audience.  Thank you so much - it was fun!"
~ Kenneth Holdcraft - Webberville, MI

"Amazing things happened for me in this workshop.  I have wanted to speak in public without fear for the past 20 years.  Finally I had the courage to visit Toastmasters and met Tom.  He did a wonderful job of coaching me.  I now believe that I can do this!"
~ Emily Huynh - Lansing, MI

"I thought this was a tremendous session to build confidence in public speaking.  Everyone overcame some degree of discomfort, and the method of giving 2-minute presentations with repetition allowed everyone to polish their presentations.  This is a "must attend" workshop that will help anyone that is fearful of public speaking take the first step toward feeling a higher level of confidence."
~ Gretchen Smith - Lansing, MI

"This was a great workshop.  I wasn't deathly afraid of public speaking, but I certainly didn't like it.  The exercises we covered really helped me find my voice and get a sense of comfort when I speak in front of people."
~ Jason Garrison - Perry, MI

"I felt this workshop made me feel more confident and better able to express myself in front of an audience.  I especially liked the warm-up impromptu exercises."
~ Michael Castelein - Lansing, MI

"I thought I was a pretty good speaker going into the workshop.  But the Fearless Presenter workshop helped me with my public speaking skill set.  I now have more eye contact and generally feel more comfortable in front of a crowd."
~ Joe Kelly - Lansing, MI

"This workshop helped me be more comfortable speaking in front of others.  It also helped me understand things I need to work on in order to become a better speaker."
~ Angela Clock - Lansing, MI

"This workshop helped me with expressiveness, and also with keeping my speech flowing.  Fun stuff!"
~ Orion Smith - East Lansing, MI

"This workshop helped me improve my public speaking skills as well as boosting my confidence.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills."
~ Arya Amirahmadi - Lansing, MI

"As a student about to graduate and looking for a job, I have seen in posting after posting how much employers value public speaking experience.  After attending this workshop I have gained skills and confidence that I know I will be able to use in my career."
~ Felicity White - East Lansing, MI

I believe this has given me even more confidence to become a better speaker.  It helped me look at some elements I need to work on and improve.  Many thanks!"
~ Andrew Hoard - East Lansing, MI

"I feel that this was helpful in many ways.  It keeps you from running on with short speeches; helps you organize your thoughts as you gain confidence."
~ Tom Zeller - Okemos, MI

Call me today at 877-901-9977 and let's talk about you learning how to be remarkable on a stage.





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