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Episode 015 – Snippets of Wisdom # 1

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In this episode:

01 – The Romanticizing of Entrepreneurship
02 – Your Most Important Business Resource
03 – Marketing is Finding
04 – Your Website Is in Second Place
05 – The Search for Ideas Must Never End 
06 – Upcoming Episodes

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Page 01 – The Romanticizing of Entrepreneurship

I know, from years of experience talking with and helping entrepreneurs, that entrepreneurship is not what it's commonly romanticized to be.  

Unlike what you may have been told, it's not easy, it doesn't happen quickly, and you probably won't make nearly as much money as soon and as easily as you'd like or thought you would.

And regardless of how many "success stories" you've read, not everyone can do it.

It takes a unique combination of personal attributes to make it work.  

And moreover, that combination of attributes is not the same for any two persons.

Every person I've ever met who was starting a new business has had stars in their eyes; fantasies about how easy and how wonderful it's all going to be.  

But eventually they found out the truth, and unfortunately, they found it out the hard way.

Most new businesses fail within a relatively short period of time.  

That's just a fact that everyone knows; or should know.  

And when I look at the failure rates, I always think one thing: 

It doesn't need to be that way. 

There's no way to make all businesses thrive, but the failure rates don't need to be as high as they are.  

My goal is to do what I can to reduce the failure rate.

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Page 02 - Business Wisdom

The most important resource that your business has (other than you) is your list of contacts.  Build it.  Nurture it.  Know it inside and out.  Keep in touch.  Remember birthdays.  Give compliments.  Recommend people to others.  Congratulate successes.  Provide useful information.  Do these things often.  Be visible.  Be meaningful.  Be memorable.  Don’t let anyone forget who you are.  Don’t let anyone forget that you’re available and willing to help them.

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Page 03 - Marketing Wisdom

Marketing is Finding:

Don’t like selling?  Not many people do. 

Some people don’t like marketing either, because they think it’s really just another word for selling.

Marketing is not about selling. 

Marketing is about creating those conditions that make selling unnecessary.

For professional services providers, marketing is about finding people that fit six criteria:

• They know you.

• They like you.

• They trust you.

• They want your service.

• They have enough money to pay for your service.

• They are willing spend that money on your service as opposed to spending it on someone else’s comparable service or spending it on something completely different.


Do you believe that there are a lot of people out there somewhere who already want what you offer, and are willing and able to pay for it? 

If that were true, and they fit the criteria listed above, do you believe you would have to convince or persuade them to buy your service?

Marketing is about finding those people and creating relationships with them to bring them to the point of knowing, liking and trusting you.

Then life gets easier.  And better.

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Page 04 - Website Wisdom

Your website is your second most important branding medium.

Your branding media consists of everything you create for the public to see, whether digital or printed.  If you’re a solo business owner, or the main spokesperson for a company, then the most important medium is YOU; how you look, how you dress, how you talk, what you say, your attitude, your body language, and your general demeanor. 

The next most important medium is your website.  And, yes, it’s even more important than social media.  In fact, the main purpose of social media (and all your other marketing things and activities) is to get people to visit your website.

One of the biggest problems with websites is that they get built and then forgotten.  Look at your site frequently, and ask the question, “Is it doing a good job for me?”

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Page 05- The Search for Ideas Must Never End

Remember to always be looking for ideas.

YOUR ideas, not other people’s ideas.

Contrarian entrepreneurs do not operate their lives or their businesses based on other people’s answers and solutions.

They do not copy, emulate, mimic, or imitate.

They THINK, they LEARN, and they CREATE new things that did not exist before.

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Page 06 - Upcoming Episodes

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Think for yourself. If you don’t think for yourself, then other people will do your thinking for you, and that’s not a good thing.


Read books. Read blogs. Watch videos. Watch TED Talks. Listen to podcasts. Learn something new every single day. Never stop learning. You cannot foretell when a piece of knowledge will become useful to you.


Create something -- something good -- something that wasn't there before and would never have been there if you hadn't shown up.

Think - Learn - Create

Be Brave - Be Bold 



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