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Episode 013 – Forget About Success

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In this episode:

01 – Forget About Success
02 – The Status Quo Will Soon Be Gone
03 – You must be VMM
04 – Upcoming Episodes

Page 01 - Forget About Success

Forget about “success”.

Focus on improvement.

Incremental Improvement

Whatever your personal definition of “success” might be, incremental improvement is the road (the only road) that will lead you there.

When you watch a sports team win a championship, you're watching the success. But you never watched the grueling practice sessions that created the improvement that created the success. 

When you listen to an accomplished concert pianist deliver a stunning performance of a piece of classical music, you're listening to the success. But you didn't get to hear the countless hours of practice that created the improvement that created the success. 

When you witness a brilliant and talented comedian captivate an audience, you're witnessing the success. But you weren't there for all the hundreds of other performances in dingy dark little bars where there were only three people, and they were sitting far in the back, and they didn't laugh at any of the jokes. Yet that's where the improvement happened that created the success. 

Success is glamorous and exciting.

Improvement usually isn’t.  It’s tedious, boring, unpleasant, difficult, and takes a long time.

But improvement is the only thing that leads to success.  It's each of those moments when you keep going. It's each of those moments when something inside you says, This is too difficult. This is not worth it. And something else inside you says, Keep going; it is worth it.

True success takes place when you're down in the mud wrestling with resistance, and you don't let resistance win. 

Whatever you’re doing, do it a little better today than you did it yesterday, even if that’s only a fraction of a percent.  “Better” is better than “same” or “not as good”.  Improve little-by-little, step-by-step, gradually, incrementally.  It’s the only way to get to where you want to go.


Page 02 - The Status Quo Will Soon Be Gone

The status quo is not likely to hang around for long. Your business, your industry, and your life are all due for an upheaval, and you can contribute to that. Be an unsettling influence, a disruptive factor. Stop doing it the way you’ve done it. And definitely stop doing it the way everybody else does it. Change something.  Or everything.  Do it sooner rather than later.

Page 03 - You must be VMM

Visible – Do enough people know that your business exists?

Meaningful – Do enough of them understand what you offer?

Memorable – Will enough of them remember you when they're ready to buy.


Page 04 - Upcoming Episodes

Be Stubborn Today
Ego – the Enemy
Resistance - The Enemy's Assistant
Become Remarkable
Failure Is Always An Option



Think for yourself. If you don’t think for yourself, then other people will do your thinking for you, and that’s not a good thing.


Read books. Read blogs. Watch videos. Watch TED Talks. Listen to podcasts. Learn something new every single day. Never stop learning. You cannot foretell when a piece of knowledge will become useful to you.


Create something -- something good -- something that wasn't there before and would never have been there if you hadn't shown up.

Think - Learn - Create

Be Brave - Be Bold 



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