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Episode 008 – The Ultimate Disruptive Technology


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In this Episode…

01 - The Ultimate Disruptive Technology
02 - Snippet of Business Wisdom
03 - Snippet of Marketing Wisdom
04 - Snippet of Communication Wisdom
05 - Snippet of Website Wisdom
06 - Today's Profound Thought
07 - Upcoming Episodes


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Page 01 - The Ultimate Disruptive Technology


YOU Are the Ultimate Disruptive Technology.

We have lots of disruptive technologies. Now what we need is more disruptive thinkers to figure out what to do with all the disruptive technologies. So my suggestion to you is to become a disruptive thinker. A creator. A freethinker. A contrarian. A renegade. A rebel. 

Someone who questions the status quo, challenges conventional wisdom, and thinks subversive thoughts. Someone who doesn't believe something just because a whole lot of other people believe it.

But, although being a disruptive thinker is necessary and wonderful, we need thinkers who are also willing to do. 

Can you do? Can you step out from the crowd? Can you become remarkable? Can you distinguish yourself from the masses who cannot or will not make themselves visible, meaningful and memorable?

Can you stop worrying about what other people will think of you? Can you create new things without asking anyone's permission? Can you become the dominant creative force in your own life? Can you make a mark on the world, a dent in the universe? 

Can you become a force for good in the world? Will it be said of you after you're gone that you did something, however small it may have been, to assist in the flourishing of some small segment of humanity? 

If you think you might be able to do some things like this, spend a little time and decide what that might look like. And then get started.

If you are a contrarian entrepreneur, then YOU are the ultimate disruptive technology.


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Page 02 – Snippet of Business Wisdom


What’s the biggest single reason that anyone would want to buy anything from you?  Get a piece of paper and write the reason down.  Do it right now.  

Wait a week or so and read it.  Decide if you think it’s still true or not.  

If it’s not, then think some more and try to determine the real reason.

If you are unable to identify and describe the biggest reason why someone would buy something from you, then it’s obvious that you still need to create, or find, that reason.

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Page 03 - Snippet of Marketing Wisdom

The primary purpose of marketing is to minimize the need for selling.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

~ Peter F. Drucker 


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Page 04 - Snippet of Communication Wisdom

If you can't communicate effectively with other people, then nothing else matters.


Ever see a business term that you’ve seen so many times that you’ll probably throw up if you see it one more time?  And furthermore, you’re not even sure what it means?  These are sometimes called “gobbledygook” words.  

They are hype, jargon and bulls**t.  

They’ve been used and overused and abused so much that they’ve become meaningless, and even annoying.

Here are some examples:

  • state of the art
  • cutting edge
  • next generation
  • robust
  • scalable
  • easy to use
  • mission critical
  • groundbreaking
  • turnkey
  • user friendly


Gobbledygook also describes a form of writing where the meaning is obscured as much as possible:

Example written as Gobbledygook:

"All transactions effected pursuant to this instrument shall be effected for the account and risk and in the name of the undersigned; and the undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify and hold you harmless from, and to pay you promptly on demand, any and all losses arising therefrom or any debit balance due thereon."

Same example written as Plain English:

"You’ll be responsible for anything you owe on your account."

Simple Rule:
Keep it simple so that most people can understand it.

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Page 05 - Snippet of Website Wisdom


Your Home page must immediately answer the question, "What is this place?"  

The first-time visitor wants to know who you are and what you're about before anything else, and they want to know it quickly and concisely.  You need to be able to describe, on your Home page, as concisely as possible, using as few words as possible, what your business does, who it does it for, and why someone might be interested in your business.

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Page 06 - Today's Profound Thought

The sooner you can identify the things you don’t love doing and the things you’re not good at, the sooner you can set those things aside and begin to focus on the things you do love doing and are good at. 

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Page 07 - Upcoming Episodes

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Remember to always be looking for ideas, not canned answers and one-size-fits-all solutions.

Contrarian entrepreneurs do not operate their lives, or their businesses, based on other people’s answers and solutions.

They do not copy, emulate, mimic, or imitate.

They THINK, they LEARN, and they CREATE new things that did not exist before.

What could you create that was good, was not there before, and would never have been there if you hadn't showed up?

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Think for yourself. If you don’t think for yourself, then other people will do your thinking for you, and that’s not a good thing.


Read books. Read blogs. Watch videos. Watch TED Talks. Listen to podcasts. Learn something new every single day. Never stop learning. You cannot foretell when a piece of knowledge will become useful to you.


Create something -- something good -- something that wasn't there before and would never have been there if you hadn't shown up.

Think - Learn - Create

Be Brave - Be Bold 



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