How I Can Help You

I can help you learn how to:


  • Develop high-quality business relationships.
  • Create a remarkable and effective brand.
  • Make business exciting and fun.Smiley Face 01 tilt R
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Gain clarity of purpose.
  • Become more visible.
  • Become more meaningful.
  • Become more memorable.
  • Become more creative.
  • Become remarkable.
  • Outsmart resistance.
  • Get more work done.
  • Have more free time.
  • Make more money.
  • Help more people.
  • Get organized.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Speak better.
  • Write better.
  • Look better.
  • Be happier.

If any of this interests you, or you have questions, please contact me.

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"Tom is a brilliant coach. He knows so much and is incredibly observant. He asks questions that help you think through what you're doing, why you're doing it, and what else might be possible. He takes time to look at what will help you be successful, and he gives homework that can turn your business and your life around. Talk with Tom!"
Deborah Laurel
Laurel & Associates
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Peer Learning Institute

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Madison, WI

"Tom shares such great insights and provides actionable advice to improve your business positioning. He is a pleasure to work with and it is clear that he genuinely cares about helping other entrepreneurs succeed. If you have the chance to work with Tom, I highly recommend it!"
Erin Morgan
Erin Morgan Media
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Little Elm, TX

"Tom is such a giver. He is full of pertinent resources that he freely shares. I had the honor to be on a one-to-one meeting with him and the advice, guidance and direction he gave me ranks high in my book and surely will in yours as well. Highly recommended!"
Francois Lupien
How To Become More
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South Glengarry, ON, Canada

"Tom's wit and wisdom are frankly quite sound. His books, The Way of the Contrarian Entrepreneur and Tom's Thought Salad of Wit and Wisdom are books that I could not put down. Tom's feedback helped me take a hard look at some business decisions. Tom's no-fuss and genuine character are refreshing, trustworthy, and his inquiries and feedback helped me discover what I wanted to change as I develop my business."
Susan Husa
Animate Life Coaching
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Fall City, WA

"Tom is a natural, brilliant entrepreneurial thinker. Love his new book 'The Way of the Contrarian Entrepreneur'! I've been involved with Tom ongoing with and he has been a pillar of support. Thanks Tom! I can honestly say I highly recommend your coaching and other services you offer."
Fran Jessee
Longevity Spice Blends
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Hemet, CA

"Tom Harris is an incredible mentor. He knows what he is talking about and guides you through the process. I am grateful for his follow-up and follow-through and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great business coach. Thank you, Tom!"
Renee Reisch
Finding Your Voice
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Orange, CA

"In today's business world, it is a gift to have a good mentor. Tom Harris is excellent with his business coaching which includes lessons on how to capture your audience's attention, how to present yourself in an effective manner and how to receive results from your communications. My coaching with Tom has been very beneficial in that he has given me a structured plan and business model for working with existing and potential clients. He stresses authenticity; becoming remarkable in a world where there is a surplus of mediocrity. I highly recommend Tom Harris as a business coach!"
Carrie Schaeffer
Outer Graphics
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East Lansing, MI

"My partner and I worked with Tom when getting our business started and he had so many tools to share with us that really helped us get on the right track. He is a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about the success of his clients. I highly recommend Tom Harris for business coaching."
Sue Bonzell
Bonzell Media
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Santa Rosa, CA

"Tom is not only a successful business owner and published author, he is also a friend and helpful business confidant. Tom and I have been sharing information and ideas for some time now. Many of my contacts have received suggestions from me to connect with Tom. Thank you, Tom, for being my connection and for starting the Lansing Michigan Alignable Group."
Darrell Place
Multi-Touch Marketing Works
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Holt, MI

"I connected with Tom through joining his Solopreneur group on Alignable. Tom is extremely personable and offered thoughtful and helpful insight into my service offerings. It is clear Tom has a true passion for guiding other entrepreneurs."
Jessie Hillock
The Memory Compass
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Zionsville, IN

"Tom is expert at website analysis. He took the time to provide detailed insights into how I can improve my website. His suggestions were concrete, practical, and sensible. He is a wealth of knowledge, and his willingness to help is so appreciated. If you have the opportunity to work with Tom, I highly recommend doing so."
Sallie Wagner
Sallie Wagner J.D.
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Palmetto, FL

"I had a great connection call with Tom Harris. He shared some great insights. I have been with many different business/personal coaches and you would be in competent hands with him as your business coach."
Ellen Hill
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San Diego, CA

"Tom is a book of knowledge! He is always coming up with new ideas to build relationships and network."
Wyatt Remillard
Mortgage Resource Plus
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Southfield, MI

"Tom is an excellent communicator and business coach. You will truly enjoy his talks."
Pearl Sullivan
Sullivan Holistic Consulting
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New York, NY

"I have known Tom for many years and he is an excellent business coach. In the past he has engaged with me to figure out how best to market my business. He has a wide range of knowledge and can bring this knowledge to bear when working with you and your business."
Mark Williams
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Lansing, MI

"Tom is a great guy! He is very generous with his knowledge and instantly makes you comfortable. I had only been connected with him for a short time before I got a referral through him. I highly recommended him!"
Linda Dow
Linda Lee Voice Over
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Okemos, MI

"I met Tom about a month ago and I already know that he's the real deal. Tom is genuinely interested in helping small business owners succeed. He's helped me with revisions on my presentations, written text, and connections in the community. I highly recommend Tom as a person and a business coach. Thank you Tom for all you do."
Dorrie Bath
Gutter Flow Systems
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Haslett, MI

"Tom is a strong communicator and an active relationship builder. He is very knowledgeable of business processes and has business connections around the US."
Randy Leak
Property Prestige LLC
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Haslett, MI