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I'm set to release a new online course for independent professional services entrepreneurs in November 2017.  Exact date to be announced.
"The Contrarian Entrepreneur Course".
This course is NOT about SUCCESS - it's about "incremental improvement".  Success sounds exciting and improvement sounds boring and probably requires time and effort.  
You're right, it does.  
That's the point of the course.
This course is the REALITY CHECK that you need more than anything else.
This is the course that will help you get your head screwed on straight so you can avoid all the bad judgments that cause 80%-90% of new businesses to fail.
A few things you'll learn:
  • What a "contrarian entrepreneur" is, and why you might want to become one.
  • Why you should purge the word "success" from your vocabulary (it's already caused you more grief than you realize).
  • Why you should STOP looking for answers to your questions (and what you should do instead).
  • Why things that have worked for other people probably won't work the same for you.
  • Why you MUST study the stunning technological, economic, and social changes that are coming, and that will affect everyone's life, but that most people (even smart people) are not paying any attention to.
...and a few more things:
  • Why you don't do all the things you tell yourself you're going to do. There's a reason, and it has a name.
  • Why you should NOT make any long-term plans.
  • Why anyone who promises you a "magic formula" is lying.
  • Why having a formal business plan is a waste of time and effort.
This course:
  • is for independent professional services entrepreneurs and for those who are exploring the possibilities of entrepreneurship.
  • is for the smart, the courageous, the serious, the ambitious, the dedicated, the learners, the doers, the thought-leaders, the creators, the freethinkers, the pathfinders, the experimenters, the brave and the bold.
  • is NOT for people seeking canned answers, magic solutions, instant gratification, or those who still believe that there are quick and easy ways to get rich.
This is NOT a "how to" course -- it's a "what to" and "why to" course. There are lots of great "how to" courses available out there, and you can take them LATER -- AFTER you've taken this one.
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