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The Contrarian Entrepreneur Academy is an education-based membership group for pre-launch, startup and early-stage professional services entrepreneurs.

Membership will be open beginning on December 1, 2017.


CEA Introduction


The CEA is not another "networking" or "referral" group; it's different. It's a tribe of smart, dedicated, creative and freethinking entrepreneurial professionals who are focused on community, relationships and learning. If that resonates with you, then you're invited to apply for membership in this group of like-minded doers.
Membership is limited to professional services providers whose businesses are pre-launch or early-stage startups.
The CEA offers an advanced array of educational, leadership development, and personal growth options, along with opportunities to develop deep, lifelong, and profitable professional relationships with peers who share your enthusiasm for learning, for business and for life.
Questions?  Contact Tom Harris at 877-901-9977 or tom@tomharris.us.

The Basics

CEA Basics

The purposes of the group:
  • To create and maintain a shared learning environment for startup and early-stage professional services entrepreneurs.
  • To foster the development of peer relationships that are deeper than those possible with traditional networking groups.
  • To focus on education, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and mutual help within the peer environment.
  • To provide personal development and leadership development opportunities within the framework of the group.
  • To focus on improvement, not on "success".
What It Is and Who It's For:
  • It is a paid membership group for pre-launch, startup and early-stage professional services entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurship is not a spectator sport and neither is being a member of this group.  Improvement and achievement require participation.  This group is for the active, the energetic, the smart, the serious, the dedicated, the readers, the learners, the doers, the creators, the early adopters, the freethinkers, the pathfinders, the experimenters, the brave and the bold.
  • This group is very exclusive; members must meet certain ongoing membership requirements and must maintain specified levels of active participation in group programs and activities.
  • The group will be limited to 100 members.

What It Isn't and Who It's Not For:

  • It is not a "referral" or "lead exchange" group.  If referrals happen, they will happen organically within the context of the normal functions of the group.
  • It is not a place for the non-serious, the dabblers, hobbyists, tire-kickers, lurkers, laggards, loafers, late adopters, daydreamers, serial joiners, spectators, people who think everything should be free, or who are just looking for somebody to sell something to, or who believe that it really is possible to get rich quick.
  Contact Tom Harris at 877-901-9977 or tom@tomharris.us

The 12 Cultural Principles

The 12 Cultural Principles:

Every organization of any kind -- business, corporate, social, political, or religious -- has a specific culture built on specific principles. These are ours:


Business is all about relationships.  Life is all about relationships.  And it's better to have a smaller number of deep relationships than a greater number of shallow and casual relationships.  Narrow and deep is better than wide and shallow.


Never-ending learning is the foundation of personal and business improvement.


Critical Thinking:

The application of information to the decision process.  Don't just blindly accept what someone else says.  Question everything.  Decide for yourself.  Figure out what works for you.



Think thoughts that you've never thought before.
Imagine things that you've never imagined before.



Be of assistance to other members.  Share knowledge, expertise, and experiences. Ask for assistance from others when you need it.



The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. You must find your own way rather than adopting someone else's way.


Authenticity and Transparency:

Be yourself.  Don't try to be a fabricated persona that you think other people will like. Be vulnerable.  Be open.  Be honest.



The execution of plans and intentions.  Without this, nothing else matters.



Information + Inspiration + Tools + Actions = Results The focus is not on "success" - it's on improvement.



To a plan, to a structure, to your mission, to your goals, to others, to yourself.



 The practice of regular measurement of personal and business improvement.


Personal Responsibility:

 You are responsible for everything you think, say, and do.  

 Your thoughts engender feelings and actions - manage your thoughts wisely.  

 Words have meanings - choose your words carefully.  

 Actions create conditions and circumstances, for yourself and for others - think before you act.

These are the operating principles of CEA. 

If you have questions, you can reach me (Tom Harris) at 877-901-9977 or tom@tomharris.us.

Education Topics

CEA Education Topics:

This is a list of possible CEA workshop topics.  The list is subject to change.

These workshops are for CEA members only -- they are not available to the general public.

Basics of Appreciation Marketing

Book Publishing.  Me, an Author?

Brainstorming Basics

Blogging -- Why It Might Be a Bad Idea

Brilliant Branding for Smart Professionals

Building Your Platform

Building Your Tribe

Business Appetizers Discussion Group

Calculating the Business Value of Contacts

Creating a Brilliant Elevator Pitch

Creating a Business Plan That's Not BS

Future Technology - Better Get Ready Now

How to Design a Survey

How to Have a Wonderful Website

How to Manage a Research Group

Managing Your Self

Marketing Munchies Discussion Group

Money Management for Entrepreneurs

Outsmarting Resistance

Podcasting.  Really?  Me?

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Public Speaking for Professionals

Social Media Marketing

Stop. Keep. Start.

The Basics of CRM Software

The Business Engine Model

The Fearless Presenter Intensive

The Many Uses for Webinars

The Mysteries of Content Marketing

Time Management for Crazy/Busy People

Using Facebook

Using Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Using LinkedIn

Video Marketing for the Timid

Writing - It's More Important Than You Think


If you have questions, you can reach me (Tom Harris) at 877-901-9977 or tom@tomharris.us.

Membership Benefits

CEA Membership Benefits Summary:
  • Access to all current and future CEA online courses is included in membership.
  • Access to a highly-moderated secret Facebook Group where you can get help and provide help.
  • Access to online workshops, seminars, Q&A calls, and research groups.
  • A closed online member directory with access to each member's complete profile.
  • Opportunities to develop deep relationships with other professionals and build your own tribe.
  • Optional access to private coaching and other business services at special member rates.
  • Optional access to private, intensive, 10-person Mastermind Groups.

Qualifications for Membership

Basic Qualifications for Membership:
  • Applicants must be owners of an active, entrepreneurial microbusiness (5 or fewer persons) in a service profession, or be in the pre-launch phase of their business.
  • Business may serve either B2B or B2C markets, or both.
  • Applicants must be professionals who are very serious about improving their businesses or practices and are willing to invest the time, energy, effort and resources to accomplish that.
  • Not everyone is a good fit for this group, and not everyone who applies will be accepted for membership.
  • This will be a small and exclusive group.  At this time the plan is for a maximum of 100 members.
  • It will take some time to build up to the 100 members, because the qualifications are strict.  I'm looking for quality, not quantity.


Membership Dues are (to be announced) per month, charged automatically to your card each month.

There are no contracts; you may cancel your membership at any time.  There are no pro-rated refunds.

There will be Special Introductory Pricing announced when the Academy is launched.

Apply for Membership

  • Applicants must complete a confidential membership qualification survey, after which I will conduct an online video meeting with the applicant to discuss the details of their application.
  • Once approved for membership, the new member will submit their first dues payment and I will then conduct a 30 minute onboarding (orientation) session with the member, again via online video.

Membership Application will be available soon.


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