About Tom Harris

About Me

Hi, I'm Tom Harris.


I'm a business coach, branding consultant, speaker, author, web designer, futurist, philosopher, cat and dog lover, singer, songwriter, humorist, book addict, student of nearly everything, believer in life-long learning, explainer of complexities, and creator of cool new ideas. 

Through speaking, writing, seminars and workshops, I teach small business owners about branding, marketing and managing their businesses and their lives.

Through personal coaching, I help them learn what is preventing them from getting what they want, and teach them how to overcome their own resistance.

I've ridden the roller coaster of self-employment and business creation for over 30 years, made my share of mistakes along the way, and am dedicated to teaching other business owners how to avoid making their own mistakes.

I have found that most small business owners are interested in doing what they went into business to do.  I teach that the best use of your time is to do what you’re good at, and then hire someone else to do the rest.

I love to work with independent and self-employed professionals who already understand that things could better if they had a plan.  I can help create the plan and make it work.

I also love working with small organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) and trade associations who understand the need for higher levels of professional branding, but aren't sure how to do that.

Call me at 877-901-9977 and let's talk.

My Philosophy of Business:


I'm an outspoken advocate for small business, self-determination, and free enterprise. 

I believe that we are here to grow and to set examples for others to do the same.  I believe in the creative potential of individuals and their ability to make life better for themselves and everyone else.

I believe in the validity of the profit motive, but that service to others is the first and highest calling.  I believe that one of the many ways to do that is through our businesses.

I believe in competition, but I believe in cooperation more.


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